Employment History

Infor Public Sector – City of Richmond BC

May 2017 – Present

  • As a senior independent consultant for this asset management, workorder and crm implementation
  • Complete patch upgrade to 8.4
  • Provided issue resolution on IPs and customizations
  • Reviewed there Existing GIS integration and proposed and in house custom integration solution.
  • Upgrading IPS to the latest current version IPS 11
  • Providing overall technical lead for implementation of a custom GIS interface
  • Assisting with implementations of IPS Mobile field Inspector

Infor Public Sector – City of Austin TX                                                                                               

Nov 2017- Present

  • As a senior independent consultant for this asset management, workorder and crm implementation
  • Provided technical solutions to their existing business  issues
  • Provided best practice process to migrate changes to production
  • Assist in house staff in issue resolution and instance management
  • Upgrading IPS to the latest current version IPS 11
  • Assisting with implementations of IPS Mobile field Inspector

Infor Public Sector – Region of Halton Ont                                                                                                       

June 2017- June 2018

  • As a senior independent consultant for this asset management, workorder and crm implementation
  • Provided technical solutions for their water meter program
  • Updated their existing systems and customizations top provide more robust water meter management

Infor Public Sector – City of Springfield                                                                          

Jul 2017 – Present

  • As a senior consultant with a team of Infor consultants implementing Infor permitting modules.
  • Conversion of all existing data from their legacy systems (Tidemark) into IPS (Hansen) by creating custom C# .net application.

Data Warehouse – Bank of Montreal                                                                               

April 2017 – Present

  • As a senior independent consultant worked with a recently created Client Management Team
  • Reviewed there existing reporting systems and data warehouse
  • Proposed a new centralized data warehouse to bring all trades report data into a single system
  • Developed a road map with the Client Management Head
  • As the senior architect  overview the Implementation of this new system
  • Overview both in house and contract staff to ensure the implementation meets both business goals and the architecture standards laid out in the roadmap

Infor Public Sector – City of Orlando                                                                                

Jan 2016 – Present

As a senior consultant with a team of Infor consultants implementing Infor permitting modules.

  • Conversion of all existing data from their legacy systems (Tidemark, AS400, Mygov) into IPS (Hansen) by creating custom C# .net application.
  • Developing custom license workflow for their business licenses
  • Developing custom building workflow for their concurrency and server benefits requirements.

Infor Public Sector – City of Corpus Christi                                                                                                                         

Apr 2016 – Nov 2016

  • Conversion of all existing data from their legacy system (HTE AS400) into ISP (Hansen) by creating custom C# .net application.

Infor Public Sector- City of Hamilton Industrial Waste Ont                               

Sept 2014 – Present

  • Assisting the City of Hamilton in an IPS 8.3 (Hansen 8.3) implementation of Assets, Workorders and Permits for industrial waste monitoring as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • Responsible for the overall design of the system
  • Responsibly for the configuration of assets, workorders and permits for this implementation
  • Responsible for developing a Batch interface to import laboratory results from a xml file into the asset detail pages

Infor Public Sector- City of Hamilton       

July 2014 – July 2016

  • Assisting the City of Hamilton in an IPS 8.3 (Hansen 8.3) implementation of fleet assets inventory and workorders as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • Responsible for all conversion scripts to convert asset, inventory and workorders their legacy system (Avantis) to Hansen 8.3 on SQL server.
  • Responsible for design and configuration of an interface between IPS8.3 and Winfuel
  • Responsible for design a configuration inventory and Purchase order enhancements to manage linking PeopleSoft PO’s and invoices to IPS PO and provide vendor contract implementation in IPS

Infor Public Sector – San Antonio Water System                                                                        

Aug 2015 –  July 2016

  • Completed a re-work on an existing CDR workflows for Backflow and counter permits on Hansen 8.3 as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • New additional detail page to simplify user input
  • Formulas to automate data input to other pages in the workflow from the new page
  • Added New milestones to provide greater control of workflow
  • Added automatic emails both internal and external
  • Streamlined reviews

Infor Public Sector- New York City-DEP                                                                          

June 2013 – Mar 2016

  • Assisting NYC DEP in technical support for Hansen 8.2.3 as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance to NYC DEP technical support staff on issues related to Hansen 8.2.3.
  • Resolve technical issues related to Hansen 8.2.3.
  • Provide technical solution to business issues and needs related to IPS 8.3 (Hansen 8.3)
  • Develop and update formula, pages and external dlls for Hansen 2.3.
  • Assisting the team in upgrade to IPS 8.3 (Hansen 8.3).
  • Completed conversion scripts to migration of CRM Data.
  • Design and configuration of code enforcement workflows for code violations.

Region of Halton – Ontario On1call Interface & Support                                    

Apr 2014 –Dec 2015

  • Designed and developed an automated process for receiving Ontario Locate requests via email, creating Hansen (IPS) work orders and emailing responses to the requestor.
  • Designed the on1call process to meet the business needs
  • Created C# .net application to read emails using Microsoft exchange web services and Hansen web services
  • Created C# .net external dlls to send emails using Microsoft exchanges web services
  • Extensive use to C# .net application
  • Designed and build supporting tables and objects and detail pages in Hansen word orders to support the locates
  • Continue to provide support in all technical aspects on their Hansen implementation of permits, workorders and service requests

Infor Public Sector- City of Hamilton                                           

Apr 2013 – Nov 2015

  • Assisting the City of Hamilton in an upgrade from Hansen 7 to IPS 8.3 (Hansen 8.3) as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • Responsible for all conversion scripts to handle a staged conversion of 10 years of date from Hansen 7 oracle to Hansen 8.3 SQL server.  All conversions were executed against live production systems with minimal downtimes
  • Completed conversion scripts to migration of CRM Data.
  • Completed conversion scripts for migrations of CDR (Code Enforcement, License and Use Permit).
  • Completed conversion of 1 million Work order and 1 million water and sewer assets.
  • Responsible for Developing conversion scripts for street s and related assets and their associated workorders
  • Provide technical assistance and recommendations on all technical aspects of IPS 8.3.

City of Brampton –Hansen Upgrade Technical Lead                                                                 

Oct 2013 – Dec 2014

  • Assisted the City of Brampton in their upgrade of Hansen 8.2.1 to IPS 8.3 (Hansen 8.3).
  • Provide Leadership and guidance to the Cities technical staff on the upgrade project.
  • Assist in the overall technical plan and upgrade process.
  • Resolve issues related to the upgrade.
  • Assist the city’s technical staff in updates and issue resolution related to formula, external dlls, external applications and reports.
  • Update to formula, external dlls, external applications
  • Updates to GIS Sync the synchronize application between Hansen and Geomedia
  • Assist the city’s technical staff in updates and issue resolution.

Infor Public Sector- City of Atlanta                                                                                                                        

Aug 2014 – Dec 2014

  • Assisting the City of Atlanta in use permit and case implementation which included a conversion of existing Hansen 7 licenses as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • Responsible for all conversion scripts to convert 5000 licenses from Hansen 7 to Hansen 8.3.
  • Completed the design and configuration on FOG use permits
  • Completed design and configuration of Code enforcement case for FOG violation
  • Responsible for cod emigration to test and production environments
  • Responsible for technical support and issues resolution for all issues related to FOG permits and cases

Infor Public Sector- City of Franklin                                                                                                                      

Dec 2013 –Apr 2014

  • Assisting the City of Franklin in conversion of existing Hansen 7 permits to IPS 8.3 as a Senior Technical Consultant for Infor.
  • Completed he design and build on all conversion scripts
  • Converted all building, Use and Project permits form Hansen 7 to IPS8.2

Region of Halton –CDR permits enhancements                                                                          

Nov 2013 –Mar 2014

  • Enhanced Halton’s existing permits implementation to provide a more robust and flexible permits system particularly as it related to handling the estimates fees and payments.
  • Updated the design so a Hansen permit was always in sync to SAP with the regards to fees.
  • Updated the design so changes in estimates, fees and inspections would flow through the permit and into SAP to maintain consistent financial detail in both systems at all times.
  • Worked with Infor consultants to build and or update  supporting tables and objects and detail pages in Hansen word orders to support the new design

City of Brampton – PeopleSoft/ Hansen Technical Support                                                                  

May 2012 – July 2013

  • Provide assistance to the city for both their PeopleSoft and Hansen systems.
  • Backup Support PeopleSoft Technical lead. Provide operational support and manage issues and tax updates for the current 8.9, 9.0 systems.
  • Backup Support and advisory role on a combined HR and Finance upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.1.
  • Updated and Developed operational support processes for the new on demand support model.
  • Backup support for Hansen Technical lead. Hansen 8.2.3 using Work Orders, Asset management and permits modules.
  • Working on the Hansen 7 to Hansen 8.2.3 CRM Migration project.

Region of Halton – Hansen Technical Support                                                                                               

Jun 2011 – Aug 2013

  • Provide Technical support for their Hansen 8.2.3 Work Order and Permit Implementation
  • Created or modified SSRS reports.
  • Created or updated formula for access control and business logic.
  • Customized pages.
  • Created or updated formula for automated entries.
  • Modified C# external dlls.

INTRIA Items Inc. (CIBC) Operations and Infrastructure DBA                                                                

Apr 2010 – June 2013

  • One of 3 DBA’s supporting all of Intria’s Databases.
  • Provide DBA support for the companies SQL server databases and support for some Oracle and Sybase databases.
  • Install and configure SQL server 2008 R2 and SSRS services.
  • Assisted in development of a long term DBA support strategy.
  • Assisted in hiring of additional DBAs.

City of Brampton – PeopleSoft Technical Lead                                                                                              

Dec 2011- May 2012

  • Responsible for the City’s Finance (PS FIN 8.9) and HR (PS HCM 9.1) systems operation support. 
  • Updated the process and procedure for promoting changes in both PeopleSoft environments. Updated. checklists and SOP’s to provide a more comprehensive process with appropriate check.
  • Responsible for all Migration to production. Verify the documents and ensuring the process is followed.
  • Provided day-to-day direction and ensuring project goals were achieved.
  • Managed technical staffs tasks and priorities.
  • Work with functional support to prioritize and resolve technical issues.
  • Transitioned responsibility to a full time Hire.

City of Brampton – Hansen Technical Lead                                                                                                      

Aug 2008 – Mar 2012

  • After working at Brampton for about 4 months I was asked if I could help out on their Hansen8 implementation.  I played a significant role in delivering the 1st phase of the project.  I stayed on as Hansen technical lead to provide operations support, upgraded to Hansen 8.2.1 and implement phase 2 CDR Permits projects and contracts.
  • Developed workflows, details pages and external dlls for CDR (permits and projects and contracts) implementation.
  • Upgraded Hansen to 8.2.1.
  • Developed Iway adapter for Hansen.
  • Stabilized the Hansen environment.
  • Established a method to store streetlight data in Hansen.
  • Set up Mapdrawer link to Geomedia /Oracle GIS system.
  • I took over responsibly for a C# .net conversion application and used it as a basis to create a successful conversion process for Brampton’s 144,000 streetlights.
  • Stabilized a remote access process using wireless internet access and VPN.
  • Lead all technical aspects of Hansen implementation for Streetlights, which went live in Jan 09.
  • Leading all technical aspects of Parks implementation.
  • Leading all technical aspects supporting Hansen in Production.
  • Developing Parks Conversion program in C# to import data from the GIS system using spatial queries.
  • Leading the architecture and development of an Iway (IHUB) link between Hansen and Geomedia.

INTRIA Items Inc. – Operations and Infrastructure DBA                                                                            

Jul 2010 – Dec 2010

  • Provided short term DBA support for the companies SQL server databases and assisted in hiring a full time DBA.
  • Developed a SQL server audit collection and reporting system to meet the companies audit requirements. This application used SQL server 2005 server side trace facility to tract DBA activity, DDL changes and security changes.  A central SQL server 2005 server was set up to collect the trace information from multiple remote servers into a central database and generates exception reports.
  • Developed a central SQL server 2005 application to run Windows scripts on remote server to verify the server complied with the corporate server hardening policies and collect the results in a central location.
  • Assisted in updating UNIX shell scripts that verified Unix server (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Linux) conformed to the corporate hardening policies.

City of Waterloo – PeopleSoft Upgrade PM/Technical lead                                                                 

Jul 2010 – Mar 2011

  • Project Manager /Technical lead for an upgrade to People tools 8.51 FSCM 9.1. The upgrade was completed with a 5 person team, (2 technical consultants and 3 in-house functional specialists). Even though most of the team was only committed for 50% of the time I was able to leverage the skill sets of all team members to complete the upgrade in six months.
  • Provide technical support and assistance for the ongoing support of their PeopleSoft finance system

City of Waterloo – Maximo Implementation Technical Lead                                             

Jul 2009 – Jul 20 10

  • I was initially brought on board to provide PeopleSoft expertise but became a technical lead for the project because of my experience in asset management and GIS systems along with my PeopleSoft experience.
  • Architected the messaging system to send near real time messages between PeopleSoft integration broker and Maximo integration framework.
  • Mapped data for PO’s, PO costs, inventory issues, employees, Time and labor data.
  • Provided overall technical leadership for the project.
  • Assisted in the implementation of Maximo spatial.
  • Created stored procedures to update asset and address data from ESRI GIS to Maximo.

City of Waterloo – People tools upgrade PM /Technical lead                                                             

Jul 2009 – Sep 2009

  • In order to use the latest version of integration broker to send messages to Maximo a people tools upgrade was required.
  • I lead a small team of 1 developer/upgrade and 2 functional resources to upgrade from PT 8.44 to PT 8.49. The project was completed in 2 months.

City of Brampton – PeopleSoft Technical Lead                                                                                              

Apr 2008- Mar 2009

  • Responsible for the City’s Finance and HR systems operation support as well as projects. Major projects were implementation of Project Costing and Asset Management in Finance 8.9 and an HCM upgrade from PT 8.43 HCM 8.9 on Oracle 9i to PT8.49 HCM 9.0 on Oracle 10g.
  • Achievements:
  • Lead 4 technical consultants.  Provided day-to-day direction and ensuring project goals were achieved.
  • Project management. Defining project goals and timelines.                                                           
  • Lead all technical aspects on the Asset Management and project costing implementation.
  • Lead all technical aspects on the HCM 9.0 upgrade on oracle 10g.
  • Provided high-level timeline the HCM upgrade.
  • Provided detail project plan for the HCM upgrade.
  • Managed technical staffs tasks and priorities.
  • Lead technical staff in production support and problem resolution
  • Provide some hands on support.
  • Implemented integration broker and message links between HCM and Finance.
  • Implemented XML publisher and generated XML reports.

HSBC Chicago – Team Lead/Business Analyst                                                                                                  

Feb 2007 – Dec 2007

  • Business Analyst for an in house developed PeopleSoft application to display scheduler information. In 3 months
  • Team lead manager with full responsibility for this application.
  • Overall architectural design for the application ensuring it was stable and efficient using PeopleSoft 8.9 Portal on DB2/AIX and PeopleSoft Trees.
  • Schedule data extracted from Control-m and Ca-7 schedulers.
  • BI reports generated using DataStage and Cognos.
  • Lead 4 technical consultants.  Provided day to day direction and ensuring project goals were achieved.
  • Project management. Defining project goals and timelines.                                                           
  • Provided Management reports on a weekly basis. Ensuring management understood current status.
  • Successfully moved the application from design stage through development, UAT and into a parallel production. mode.
  • Representing the application in the overall financial application. Attending daily meetings as the application moved through various development and test cycles.

Blue-Net Technologies INC – PeopleSoft Architecture Consultant                                                                    

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007

  • Short-term engagements with Blue-net throughout the US as a senior PeopleSoft Architect:
  • Metro North Railroad (NY) Mar 07 – Infrastructure assessment PeopleSoft finance on Oracle/HP.
  • City of Peoria (AZ) Jan 07 – Performance review and PeopleSoft Performance Monitor install for PeopleSoft finance on MSSQL 2000.
  • St Barnabus Health Care (NJ) Nov 06 – System and Performance review for PeopleSoft finance on Oracle/HP.

CIBC Toronto – Solution Lead                                                                                                                  

Aug 2005 – Apr 2007

  • Responsible for providing technical solutions for the CIBC’s optimization program with certain lines of business (AGR TRM).
  • Successfully completed migrations of file servers, risk systems and MIS systems into CIBC standard infrastructure.
  • Understood existing systems architecture.
  • Provided technical solutions that utilized CIBC standardized services such as, web farms, NAS, database farms, where possible and conformed to current CIBC Architecture guidelines and standards.
  • Negotiated with stakeholders and getting solutions approved.
  • Reviewed and sometimes creating the project plan.
  • Provided overall technical oversight during the complete project lifecycle.

Publicis Detroit- Independent Consultant                                                                                   

Aug 2005 – Sep 2006

  • Returned to this advertising agency to upgrade PeopleTools for the PeopleSoft 8.4 finance system on MSSQL 2000 and assist in Hyperion 7.5 support/stabilization
  • Achievements:
  • Completed a PeopleTools upgrade for 8.43 to 8.64 using PeopleSoft change assistant
  • installed new appserver, webserver and schedulers and provided documentation for support
  • Installed PeopleSoft Performance Monitoring in a development environment and reviewed its capabilities.
  • Architectural and performance reviewed their internal MSSQL 2000 Data warehouse/Data Mart combining data from PeopleSoft HCM and finance.
  • Completed a detailed proposal on the Data warehouse re-architecture.
  • Stabilized and performance tuned the current Data warehouse system.
  • Installed STAT on MSSQL 2000 for PeopleSoft HCM
  • Trained PeopleSoft HCM development staff in STAT
  • Installed Litespeed backup software on 8 MSSQL 2000 servers used by the finance system.
  • Modified the backup and restore Perl scripts to handle both regular and Litespeed backups.
  • Stabilized a Hyperion HFM, Reports and Planning system.
  • Created Perl Scripts to manage Hyperion application/web/database servers
  • developed an ASP .NET 2.0 applications to display Hyperion security details

CIBC Toronto – Team Lead                                                                                                                                           

Feb 2005 – Jul 2005

  • I was a Team Lead in projects to migrate existing oracle and MS SQL databases into a standardized Farm environment. The work involved architecting and building oracle and SQL server farms, analyzing existing oracle and SQL server databases and migrating these servers into the farms.
  • Created proposal for a new Oracle 9i/10g farm on Solaris using Veritas Clustering
  • Migrated a MSSQL 2000 server commodity pricing system from London UK to Toronto.
  • Evaluated and recommended Litespeed (backup software for MSSQL 2000 servers) for CIBC.
  • assisted in setting up HP-Openview DB spies for MSSQL 2000

Publicis Detroit- Independent Consultant                                                                                                     

Aug 2004 – Dec 2004

  • Returned to this advertising agency to assist in the performance tuning and support of a recently upgraded and highly customized PeopleSoft 8.4 Finance system on MSSQL 2000.
  • Set up a second MSSQL 2000 replicated server and assisted in the upgrade of all server hardware.
  • Installed additional appservers and process schedulers.
  • Fixed a number of process scheduler issues arising from replication and PeopleSoft 8.4.
  • Identified performance issues such as long running processes, blocking and contentions.
  • Tuned processes by re-writing SQR reports and PeopleCode.
  • Created a suite of Perl scripts to provide application level control and monitoring of databases, application servers and process schedulers.
  • Created DTS packages to allow archiving of the older data to reduce the overall space usage.

CIBC Toronto-Database Team Lead /Technical Consultant                                                  

Sep 2003 – Aug 2004

  • I was initially hired as part of a team of DBAs responsible for administration of approx 250 database environments. Databases servers were Oracle, Sybase and MSSQL 2000 and ranged from 200M up to 2 terabyte data warehouses. Within months I took on a leadership role as team lead for the Toronto Staff (11).
  • Streamlined our change management and problem management processes working within the corporate process moved towards a tiered support model.
  • Worked with the team in MSSQL 2000/Sybase 12.5/Oracle 9i server consolidation combining 4 to 8 servers into single stretched cluster environments using Microsoft clustering , EMC San’s, SRDF and Veritas clustering
  • Allocated the team to projects and managed resource conflicts within the team.
  • Provided day to day leadership direction and support as required.
  • Worked with developers on performance tuning SQL queries and server parameters.

Publicis Detroit -Independent Consultant                                                                                    

Jul 2000 – Jul 2003

  • I provided technical support and admin for production and development of a highly customized PeopleSoft financial system. I participated in the initial development using PeopleSoft 7.5 on Sybase with replication and then several upgraded to PeopleSoft 8.5 and a conversion to MSSQL 2000.
  • Set up Sybase Replication 12.0 for a PeopleSoft 7.5 financials system which provided a seamless separation of PeopleSoft reports from OLTP processing
  • Successful PeopleSoft conversion from Sybase 11.5 to MSSQL 2000 and upgrade to PeopleSoft Financials 8.4
  • Stabilized the environment consisting of Solaris, NT, EMC, SDK Storage Tec and BMC Patrol.
  • Converted DBA and admin shell scripts to Perl.
  • PeopleSoft admin responsibility for Project cutovers into production.
  • Developed BMC Patrol knowledge modules in PSL to monitor the Nightly Billing cycles
  • Implemented of STAT version control Kintana workflow tool.
  • Completed a one month POC project for PeopleSoft conversion from Sybase to MSSQL 2000
  • Project manager PeopleSoft admin and DBA for the conversion and upgrade to PeopleSoft Financials 8.4 project.
  • Installed 8.4 appserver, webservers and process schedulers and provided support and install documentation.
  • Created DTS scripts for data conversion.
  • Set up MSSQL 2000 transactional replication.
  • Converted DBA and admin Perl scripts from Unix/Sybase to Windows 2000/SQL server.
  • Managed code changes/migrations from Sybase to SQL server using STAT.
  • Set up a DEV and UAT environment and process schedulers and appservers for these environments.
  • Installed PeopleSoft 8.5 Demo database and set up the app, web and process schedulers needed for conversion/upgrade.
  • Developed table driven DTS scripts to assist in business unit conversion from legacy systems to PeopleSoft.
  • Developed DTS ETL scripts to move data between production and development servers.
  • Developed Perl scripts to monitor the process schedulers.
  • Played a leading role in moving the production systems to a datacenter in Chicago.

CIBC Toronto-Executive director                                                                                                                                             

May 1996 – Jul 2000

  • DBA/Manager Program Application Support. I established and managed a team of 5 to provide 1st and 2nd level support for all our departments’ database applications on Sybase 11.0.3 with in Toronto, London, New York and Singapore. I was also Project Manager, DBA and Architect for a trading floor data warehouse (STARS) and a CRM system (CONTACT). Achievements:
  • Set up monitoring and support procedures and scripts for both production and development servers.
  • Performance tuned all databases.
  • Implemented Stars and Upgraded Stars from to Sybase 11.0.
  • Implemented a global replication system.
  • Converted the front-end from Forest & Trees to PowerBuilder.
  • Completed Y2K certification.
  • Developed and released the 1st version of “CONTACT”.

TXbase Systems Inc., Richmond Hill, Ont -Systems Manager                                                                

Sep 1993 – May 1996

  • Responsible for the set up and management of a new systems group in Txbase. This group provided installation, database and application development support both internally and externally. I reported directly to the CEO of this ERP vendor.
  • Recommended, installed and upgraded Sybase on UNIX and MS SQL on NT for our customers and advised them on DBA issues
  • Played a leading role in the design of PC based installation and code management software and developed a migration wizard using VB 4.0 to provide automatic table migration for Sybase tables.
  • I played a leading role in migration from 4.9.2 to Sybase 10.0 and porting TX base to MS SQL 6.0
  • Responsible for TXbase application development support
  • Managed the version control and release process of our application involving approximately 500 tables and 3000 files using PVCS and Shell scripts.
  • Set up and maintained multiple Sybase servers on multiple UNIX platforms and NT.
  • I was also responsible for porting the TXbase application from SUN to other Sybase supported UNIX and NT platforms as required by our customers.

Ontario Hydro, Toronto                                                                                                                                                                 

Jun 1982 – Sep 1993

  • Senior Computer Systems Specialist (Planning Division); 1990 – 1993
  • Led in the division’s migration from VAX/VMS to a distributed UNIX based system with seamless integration of PC using PC_NFS. System Administrator for the division’s computer systems.
  • Computer Systems Officer (Planning Division); 1987 – 1990
  • One of two Systems Managers for the Division’s VAX cluster. We provided both system and user support for approximately 200 users and developed and improved procedures to maintain the systems. We also reviewed and installed new software and hardware for the systems.
  • Computer Applications Officer (Planning Division); 1985 – 1987
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of system software in FORTRAN and Macro for power systems simulation. I established an applications development environment on a VAX using DCL. The section could then develop large applications in a structured and efficient manner.
  • Technical Supervisor (Nuclear Simulator Division); 1982 – 1985
  • Systems Manager of a quad VAX based simulator and a TI980A based nuclear power plant simulator. I was responsible for maintaining and improving the system environment on both real-time simulators. This enabled ongoing maintenance and development in conjunction with normal simulator operation as a training tool.